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Środa 19 Grudnia 2018
Dariusza, Gabrieli, Beniamina

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A monograph titled “The Commune of Łubianka, the History and the Present” was available in October 2004. The book, meticulously written by a historian Ryszard Kowalski, was published in hardcover, with 150 printed pages and 32 coated paper pages with colour photographs.
The publication presents the outline of the natural environment, infrastructure, and history of the commune and puts special emphasis on the past years of the 12 administrative units of the commune of the commune (previously comprising 15 villages, 2 hamlets and one settlement).
The history of 3 Roman-Catholic parishes and 2 fire brigades were described in separate chapters. The historic accounts cover the period from prehistoric (the Stone Age) to contemporary times.
The colour photographs depict among others: the print of Bierzgłowo Commander’ seal, royal certificate of establishing the village of Bierzgłowo from the 16th century, the book of lease contracts from the 18th century, replicas of maps from the 17th and 18th centuries, the illustration of the battle at the Bierzgłowo castle from the 18th century, a plan of a brewery form the 19th century, places and buildings of touring, historical and cultural value and bird’s eye views of the area.
The author of the monograph traced back many contemporary inhabitants’ lines of descent to find their ancestors in the remote past.
The book, which is a long-awaited, valuable teaching help for students of primary and high schools, may be obtained at the Council Office in Łubianka for 18 PLN.



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